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German Kundalini Yoga Festival
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Sat Nam Yoga & Music Festival

At the Sat Nam Yoga & Music Festival, internationally known and popular artists, as well as new artists from Germany, Europe and around the world join in celebrating the sacred sound current of Mantras, spiritual songs and other musical performances.

The energy and atmosphere which are being created are profound and elevating, supported by sequences of Yoga and Meditation exercises or spiritual tales which are being interspersed by the artists into their live performances, making the audience participating actively, chanting and singing along, creating a unique experience of community, peace and inspiration and last not least a lot of fun!


The Sat Nam Yoga & Music Festival was created out of the wish to offer musicians and artists from the Yoga community as well visitors and everybody who is interested a special time and space for an outstanding spiritual experience, reaching far beyond normal concert events.

The heart of the Sat Nam Yoga & Music Festival is the Kundalini Yoga in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan, which in its rich variety of Mantras, Shabads and wonderful songs has inspired and brought up such popular international artists and teachers such as Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba or Gurudass Kaur, as well as European and German artists such as Ram Singh and Sat Hari Singh, or the bands Aurora and Mardana - to name but a few.

The Yoga Music Festival is supported and organized by the Yoga companies Sat Nam Versand , also being the source of the name, and the Golden Temple Teahouse. It stands under the patronage of 3HO Deutschland e.V., the association of Kundalini Yoga teachers in Germany.

The Sat Nam Yoga & Music Festival is embedded into the German Kundalini Yoga Festival. As a complete event of Yoga activities and great live music, it is a particular highlight amongst the Yoga events.




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